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Lieutenant JG Jennifer Bullock

Name Jennifer Jane Bullock

Position Chief Armory Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth October 13, 2126
Place of Birth Clearwater, Minesota, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 103 lbs
Hair Color Golden Blond
Eye Color Blue Eyes
Physical Description Very young and sweet looking. Fresh looking face with pale skin thats very soft to the touch. A bright smile and pleasant looking expression even when not smiling.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Bullock
Mother Marie Bullock
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Ann Bullock

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance Ex-Girlfriend - Tia Munn - Asian Academy mate
Friends Frank Aster
Louis Scott
Thomas Parks
Enemies/Rivals Non shes aware of

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very outspoken, very talkative but not always as bright and bubbly as she looks. Almost scatter brained and sometimes does somethings different than times before. Unpredictable but loyal and obedient to authority.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Very Loyal and faithful

Too Talkative at times
Ambitions She doesnt have any... yet
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes She loves shooting things and enjoys lounging around drinking and talking. She occasionally likes to shop but really enjoys seeing new worlds. She also enjoys trying to toy with people like chess pieces.
Languages Known English Standard
Medical profile No significant medical information to provide
Psychological Profile Appears to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and Impulse Control.
Defining Quotes and/or Character Beliefs Believes that people should appreciate strength and fear prolonged silence.

Personal History Jenn grew up the older sister having to teach her little sister about life and look out for her. Her father was a drunk who spent most of his time in a bar. When he wasn't working or in a bar he was home beating on his wife and the two girls. As a child she learned to be tough and take a beating with out showing to avoid her fathers wrath.

When she came of age and began to mature, she found herself drawing the attention of boys. Her father was of little help as he threatened all the boys who would try to get close to her. This intervention soon lead Jenn to explore her maturing body with other girls. This ultimately lead to her becoming intimately interested in other girls.

By the time Jenn attended Star Fleet Academy she knew who she was and what she wanted. She worked hard in her classes and pushed her body to become the toughest and smartest she could. Not wanting to be so heavily into combat, she chose Star Fleet rather than the Maco Marines. She became one of the most dedicated graduates of Star Fleet Academy. Her grades were average but her effort was stellar.
Education Record TBC
Service Record 2158 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy - Rank Ensign - Assigned to USS Intrepid as Security Officer
2162 - Transferred to Star Fleet Head Quarters as Security Offcier
2164 - Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2167 - Aassigned to USS Horizon.