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Lieutenant Melody Anderson

Name Melody Aurora Anderson MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Australian)
Age 27
Date of Birth 25th February 2135
Place of Birth Adelaide, Australia

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color Deep Brown
Eye Color Hazel-green
Physical Description Australian in heritage, Melody is a sun-kissed brunette with hair down to her mid back. She has a kind, oval shaped face with deep hazel-green eyes that some days seem to alternate between being more green or more hazel. Melody has naturally high cheek bones that allow for dimples in her cheeks when she smiles.

She has a rather voluptuous hourglass figure and is quite well toned. She is one to keep in good shape and is naturally feminine off duty.

She likes to wear her hair (with bangs and fringe down) in a neat plait when on duty and either loosely pinned back or completely down when off duty.


Spouse Lurann Tershaal (Andorian, deceased)
Children currently none.
Father Lucas
Mother Josie
Brother(s) Jonas (older)
Sister(s) Liya (older)

Marie (younger)

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance Melody had kept to herself for the most part, until she bumped into a rather tall and kind of grouchy looking Andorian called Lurann. Melody did not shrink away from him, instead she asked every question under the sun from the moment she had first felt his cool blue skin. She lived on Andoria with him on a medical attachment and learnt as much as she could about both the Andorians and Aenar.

Gradually, Lurann and Melody fell for each other. Heat had met Ice and created steam wherever they touched. Secretly Lurann took Melody as his mate exclusively; which went against Andorian custom.

With some research, the couple started down another even more taboo path. Melody had the desire to have a child. Although when Andorian genetics are split between two males, it makes it far more complicated.

Lurann convinced his brother, who would be the closest genetics to him and best possibility for a completed genetic sample, to try and see if they could 'complete a coupling' in a more Aenar fashion and grant Melody's wish.

She does not know the results of this. As her mate was killed defending Melody from others that would kill her for wanting to 'birth half breeds' and turned on the brothers, claiming them both for being with a 'pink skin'.

Melody has a scar going on a diagonal across her right arm and onto her abdomen just below her breasts. This was as close as the ushaan-tors of the 'Andorian 'mob' ' ever got to her.

After that incident she fled Andoria and sought a new posting.
Friends her big sis Liya ang her best friend from school and into fleet, Cassandra.

Even though Melody is Australian, she moved around a lot and didn't have much of a chance to make many long lasting friends. This has been a little better within fleet.
Enemies/Rivals Melody would probably never be able to go back to Lurann's family on Andoria. As a lot of others that were close to Lurann and Surann would want her dead. most Andorains are warming to the idea of humans being around, that does not necessarily extend to the idea of 'mating practices and reproduction'.
Other Notable Relationships Melody was 'Daddy's little daughter'. She was very close with him and he was the first to encourage her to seek her passions and 'follow them on the winds', if needed to see them to their end.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melody (Mel, to those closer to her or she deems trustworthy) would seem quite typical to the 'Australian achitype' She appears to be laid back, almost too casual and aloof. The 'she'll be right, mate' or everything will work out attitude. Naturally and somewhat fiercely protective of her inner circle of family, chosen kin and friends, to the point of personal sacrifice.

'Mate' may seem like a loosely used term, but it's her way of referring to a friend or comrade. She lives by the 'we give our all for our mates and family', compassionate to a fault; passionate to the point of getting into troble and someone who is loyal to the end.

Being a healer, who can meet and learn about the other species out there is her calling, life goal and a true passion of hers. Something she lived from a couple of years out of the acadrmy until landing on the Horizon.

Her bedside manner is warm, sweet and tender. Utilising distractions like music and rewards like lollipops to get through unwanted tasks.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks +/- Passionate to the point of getting in trouble/arguments if she sees her point as correct
Loyal (sometimes too much so , she even has a scar from one encounter)
Compassionate, yet can forget borders/opinions can limit actions.

+kind, gentle, curious, willing to try most things at least once, patient, to a point.

- stubborn, can be tunnel visioned, bad temper

Has a love for sweets, knowing that most would avoid sickbay and her services, she keeps a sweets jar full of lollipops to encourage others that being there is not as bad as it seems. Has a real perchant for chocolate.
Ambitions To study, as best and completely as possible; as many non-Terran races as she can in her lifetime. As Starfleet and the Federation should naturally grow, the amount of non-Terrans that they will interact with would as well. They would, naturally need to be medically treated in the correct, culturally appropriate and ethically sound way.

It is her belief that this needs to be a hands on process.
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Crochet (her mental unwind - utilised to mentally decompress and make something in thr process.)

Music - Melody kind of lives up to her name. She works better with music and likes having it around her.

Andorian cultural studies - Mel has a lot of books on the subject and likes to read up on it.


Sweets and Chocolate (Andorian chocolate has become her personal favourite)

Dislikes extreme heat & cold (Could tolerate normal temps on Andoria, disliked the snowstorms), bland tasting food, scratchy textures, high pitched sound or extremely bright (blinding) light.
Languages Known Standard (fluent, Australian - southern accent)
Andorian (limited, semi-fluent)
Vulcan (very limited. Trying to learn more from fleet database with limited success)