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Sarota Prime

Posted on Tue Jul 7th, 2020 @ 7:24pm by Captain Gary Alexander & Lieutenant Audrey Chester & Lieutenant JG Alexandra Campa & Lieutenant JG Jennifer Bullock & Karina Tell & Lieutenant JG Talia Flowers

Mission: Mission 3 - A Whole New World
Location: Oribitting Sarota Prime
Timeline: 2168/08/10 1200

Two weeks was what Fornen and his wife had said and sure enough, it took two weeks to arrive. In those two weeks, Gary tried to learn more about his guests and had his crew do the same but anything more than bare facts were difficult to come by. Gary wondered why. Were they feeling him out as much as he was them?

Fornen, who had been given access to the bridge, looked down below, silent at this moment. What could he be thinking?

Ci reported that the planet was M Class and that gravity was .9 of that of Earth. Some visuals came up. The area that Kense had told them that they were to go was the Marketplace of Floria. While one might think with a name like that, that Floria would be beautiful and full of flowers and Renaissance architecture, nothing further could be the truth. Floria was placed about a mile from a river. While the area by the river had vegetation, that ended about a hundred yards from the river. The Marketplace of Floria was set in a dusty land where the winds seemed to push the dirt. The buildings looked like 21st century cardboard cutouts of rickety buildings from the 19th Century Wild West. In fact, had there not been life signs and streets devoid of vegetation, it could be confused for a ghost town.

Gary looked at Fornen and asked, "This is the place?"

Fornen was impressed with the ease that the ship traversed through space. He had much to obtain at the Marketplace to replenish personal and ship-related items. He and Kense were sure that at any time, they could break from these allies. Alliances were tenuous at best here. He just hoped that they would be merciful.

His eyes shone with pride as he turned to the Captain. “This is indeed the place.” His face fell slightly as he realized that his own view vastly differed from this Cap. Ten. “It might not look like much on the surface. But I assure you it has many offerings.”

His mind was racing for an alternate place that might look a little better, but that wasn’t where he and Kense would go. Prices were higher and sellers less likely to haggle. He hoped that these people could see the potential...

"Any thoughts, crew? Last chance before I make this decision on this place."

"I don't like it, Captain", Jenn answered, "we shouldn't settle down so soon. Not that our new friends are not welcome and accommodating, we may find a way home elsewhere in this galaxy."

"We're not settling, Bullock. And even if we were, it would not be here. We're here simply to get information. We need to figure out where we fit in this universe so we can make the most informed decisions. Fornen said this was the best place for us to start. We need to rely on his assessments." Gary mentally added to himself, At the moment.

"I'm with Jenn, Sir." Dr Chester chimed in, "This place looks sketchy as hell. I really don't want to have to try and regenerate whatever organs we might wake up without after going down there."

She sighed, "but info is info... and we have made some progress in figuring out their body language. If the locals are the same species we shouldn't be flying blind."

"So," Gary concluded, "essentially we have no choice. I'll take recommendations on teams."

Alex just nodded slightly. It generally went without saying she'd be piloting absent some special reason otherwise.

With no suggestions forthcoming, Gary announced, "Kincaid, Hayes, and Perlit, you will be one team. Myself, Bullock, and Flowers will be team two. The final team, number three will be Chester, Campa, and Blackford. Team one, I want you to seek compatible parts for the ship and see if we can find replacements or improvements. Chester, Campa, and Blackford, I want you all on general reconnaissance. Learn what you can, especially of the powers of the area. If you need a translation, I will have Ms. Flowers with me. Keep your communicators open and be careful. I will meet you all in the shuttlebay in 5 minutes."


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