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Can doctors fix boo-boos.

Posted on Tue Aug 25th, 2020 @ 11:41pm by Lieutenant Audrey Chester & Lieutenant Chadrick McNier

Mission: Mission 3 - A Whole New World
Timeline: 8/10/2168 0947 hours


Okay logically when Ice does not help on a wound one should seek more help from a doctor; that is a good idea right? McNier should have known better; Heaviest gloves when playing with Isotopes, it was a rookie mistake, he was in a rush and grabbed the closest and went with it.

Going into the Sick Bay; cradling his left hand and burnt palm he sought the doctor; he had nothing against Doctor; often very good manners; it was 'having' to see the Doctor that had him off his game.

"Medical concern; not really emergency; just some stinging and ... pain." MeNier announced in a calm voice. "I think I need a Doctor to look at it if you have some time?"

Audrey waved to the new casualty at the door.

"Over here! There's space to sit down over here - you've come during a bit of a rush." She said, pointing with her chin towards a chair as she capably treated a young crewman with a painfully dislocated shoulder.

"Actually, if your other hand is still good, I could use your help getting his arm back in place?"

"Okay." McNier said before he could take the seat and moved over to the Doctor. "Right..." He said withe a nearly confused look as he never had to work for treatment but he supposed things are different. "Hand... I mean my right hand is able to help that is." He tried to look the Doctor directly for instructions. "What do you need it to do?"

Audrey guided McNier to stand directly behind the injured crewman, who moaned with pain.

"I need you to lean into him, he's going to lean back against you, and help steady him if he tries to move - you're not going to try and get away again, are you crewman Torres?"

McNier put an arm around his waist and held the man fast, he would not move as McNier is very good at instructions. ANd he wanted his hand fixed and this was the price for help. He like the fact the Doctor worked with him, she seemed good at her job.

The pale faced crewman nodded, teeth clenched.

It takes a few minutes but soon the doctor guides the man's arm back into place with a sickening pop. The crewman immediately gasps with relief and crumples forward.
The doc pats him on the back and passes him off to a newly freed up nurse.

"Thanks," Audrey pulls him over to a quieter corner. "Now lets see what we've got here... oh jeeze! You've done a number on this paw - how'd you manage that?!?!"

"Radioactive isotopes that are a low -yield and could be ingested for Away missions and for a limited time make them stand out on the sensors." He explained like a professor. "I grabbed the Light work glove rather than the more appropriate one and... ouch." He said honestly."

The doc chuckled and nodded, "Ouch is right. Dang!"

She studied the wound for another moment before turning to a work station and selecting an appropriate hypo spray.

"This will numb the area and reduce the pain. I'm going to need to check to make sure we don't need to dose you for rad-haz." She said as she applied the spray above the wound. "In the meantime, please sit out of the way and I'll get you an icepack to help with the inflammation."

"I did try the ice pack... but I guess the medicine will make it work this time right Doctor?" He said as he went to his chair as instructed. "Thank you for the help Doctor, you are kind."

Audrey smiled. This kid was much more polite than the last engineer who had wandered through with a hand injury. Granted, she didn't have time to mess with this one as she had the last.

She did a quick database search to check the MSDS sheets for item he'd been working on, and sure enough, he was likely irradiated. Thankfully, though, this wasn't the old days when everyone would be quarantined and die of radiation poisoning.

"Carter," she called out to her chief nursing officer, "code 34 - run a quick ionic degaussing, and advise the bridge we're focusing on the main causeways between here and engineering."

Carter nodded and disappeared into the office. A moment later a barely noticeable particle field swept through the room.

"All clear," Carter said, popping her head back into the Sickbay.

Audrey thanked her, then returned to where McNier was seated. "Alright - we're all good now. That'll smart for a few days, but that should serve as a good reminder to use your PPE, eh?"

"I will take it under advisement Doctor." He put the hand up. "Thank you doctor I will try not to bother you again anytime soon."

With a smile, Audrey waved back at McNier as he left. "I appreciate that - feel free to bother me outside of work hours if you'd like."

Carter raised an eyebrow at Audrey, who scoffed and blushed slightly.

"Oh piss off and get to work," she chucked a roll of gauze at the nursing officer, who ducked and laughed.


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