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Status Update - September, 2019 Edition

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 5:57pm by Captain Gary Alexander

General News - Status Update - September, 2019 Edition

The following is a news item from Captain Gary Alexander.

Normally, I send these out on the first of the month (give or take a few days) to give an overview of everything that happened in the month before and of what our goals are for the upcoming month.


We gained one player this month in our Chief Medical Officer:

Lieutenant Fiona Stanzel


Our wonderful XO has created a Wiki for us while I just try to become competent at Nova! I'm sure there is always more to come on these things. If you have any thoughts or want to assist, let us know!


August was a very good month. We had eight posts and we're well on our way to getting lost. Finally, I feel like we have the right crew put together. The sim officially is one year old in four days but this is the most consistent it has been since opening.

Mission Recap

Horizon is about to get lost after having shuttled up from Sigma Iota II. The infamous book has been left behind by our XO.


Get lost.

Player of the Month

This month our player of the month is Rose, who writes for Kat and Talia. So far, we have not seen anything from Talia but KAT has been everywhere. The Captain's right hand woman, has made her presence felt and added so much to the sim. Congratulations, Rose!


If anyone has any ideas for character development or even some subplots, share them with us. I know that my door is always open. Any questions, comments, or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

That’s it for this month’s Status Update!


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