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Letters to memories

Posted on Sun Oct 8th, 2023 @ 5:16pm by Lieutenant Chadrick McNier

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Log Begin

"I do not know why I am doing this, Personal Letters should not be in a Log." McNier said calmly with the background noise of ice in a tumbler. "No provable reason that the letters will get back in a single lifetime so those I want to relay events and thoughts will not get them."

Pause while a drink is taken.

"I am in the Ninety Percentile probability of knowing how far away Hoe really is though the correct Direction is for Navigation to aid in my calculations."

A tablet tossed onto the table.

"Dot, I have come to the statistical conclusion you will not have me see you in that dress you eluded to before I went on a very Extended Patrol. I am also beginning to accept it will seem that no one else could tolerate me as you had. A crew dinner was held and of course I stumbled around socially."

Pause for another drink.

"Of the crew I seem to have made an enemy of the Captain's Yeoman; and thus the Captain's number one source of information. There is a Helm Officer that has a keen ... well; I would have liked to conversation more but after the Dinner felt self conscious, you know how I am around attractive women." He chuckled. "I really need to have her check over my Speed and distance calculations in General so I will make the time and hope she is available?"

A sigh and Drink.

"Dottie , this dramatic conclusion has gotten to me quickly, I find that I am accepting the fact I will never see a Loved One again. It hit home while doing some warm ups in the Gym, a young female; out of uniform which section she works is nothing I will know anytime soon. "

Chuckle to himself.

"She wore a Leotard and tights with those leg sock cover things and Pink sneakers. You would not be caught dead in less than a miniskirt and Cardigan, but as she stretched , bending in half it seemed and my untimely glance up from the Road meter of the treadmill I got pert Rear view."

Slight pause.

"I mean her bottom in that thigh cut had me staring. I am not aware if she caught my Lapse of concentration on my workout but I must admit she had a fine figure and I realized then that I will have to open my parameters to the possibility that if I do not want to be alone I should maybe try to finding a pretty woman like that, especially with that Bum and legs would be very ... yes, well, it is food for thought."


"I hope you find someone you do not have to constantly be covering for at social events in I hope to be your happy future.

Your former Love of life.

{end recording}


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