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I have the what...?

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 10:13pm by Captain Gary Alexander & Lieutenant Chadrick McNier
Edited on on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 10:14pm

Mission: Mission 3 - A Whole New World
Location: Science Lab One
Timeline: 2168/08/10 1210 hours


McNier had the special medical glove for his burn on the left hand; the proper Radiation grade gloves and this time Tongs to help the process. One must learn from mistakes; having the foresight to put the new things out would save the other hand this time.

The thing about isotopes; they can be unpredictable and ... volatile. He would just follow the procedures more closely and should get the results and no further injuries.

Gary was getting the away team ready when he realized that he forgot something extremely important. He and the XO were leaving on the away mission. So were all the Chiefs. Someone had to remain behind to take control of the bridge. Gary thought about his crew and their personalities. He needed someone stable and who would not be completely bored by being bored on the bridge. Smiling, he thought of the perfect person. =^= Lieutenant McNier, =^= Gary started on the comm, =^= I will be coming to see you. Are you in the science lab? =^=

=^= Yes Captain. =^= McNier said as he checked the Dwell Time of the Isotope. =^= I-I will be here for... six minutes and forty seconds more... at least, Sir. =^=

=^= Very good. If I am not there before that expiration, please wait for me. =^=

=^= Confirmed.=^= He replied as he put on the gloves and took up the tongs.

The Captain waltzed into the science lab. It was an area that the Captain did not mind, being a former engineer. However, science was not as practical as the nuts and bolts of a ship most of the time. They had loftier and less concrete goals. "McNier?" Gary started, making sure that he had the correct person.

"Yes sir?" McNier had the welding safety goggles down as he had check the Processing Chamber and the wavelength was a shade not conducive to the human eyes so he pulled them up to look at him. "We have not Officially ..." He removed his right glove. "Met Sir." He thought of the rumors of the man's extracurricular activity and shook his head slightly to get the biological questions out of his mind. "You have been quite occupied for me to bother you with the details of experiments." Offering a handshake.

Gary watched the geek pull off the goggles with slight disdain. "You have a Chief Science Officer in Lieutenant Perlit to tell the details of experiments. She reports them to me. That's how these things work." Gary tried not to roll his eyes. He was getting bored just meeting with McNier. Watching a star age might be more exciting and have more personality than McNier.

Re-gathering himself, he told the Lieutenant, "I am taking an away team with the XO and your superior officer. Therefore, I have decided to let you take the bridge while we are away."

Raising an eyebrow he pulled off the goggles.

"You realize that will leave me in Command Sir." McNier asked calmly. "I gather you also mean now Sir?"

Starting to wonder if he had made the correct decision, Gary decided to stick to his guns. "I do mean now and yes, I do know that will leave you in command. Are you telling me that you are not capable of handling yourself and the ship while we're exploring Floria?"

"I have the required training." McNier said. "Just with the levels of the Command structure it had seemed improbable that a situation like this would present itself." He gave a nod. "I am just sorry that my Isotope experiment is not completed." He exchanged a glance. "I am using micro half life isotopes that will be easier for our sensors to pick up. Swallow it and for three days on sensors you will glow above the ambient signals of life forms around you, Sir."

"When you complete it, let me know. Right now, I don't see a need for that. Our alien friends have assured us that this is the place we need to get information and they trade here often. Just sit tight on the bridge and keep communications open. Can you handle that?"

"I can supervise the Bridge operations." McNier replied. "The standard check in routines and procedures for Landing Party?" He felt he should ask. "Or how often check in since we are blind here?"

"We will check in every two hours. I cannot imagine that we will be down there too much longer," Gary replied rather bored with McNier.

"I will follow standard procedures Captain." McNier replied.

"Good. The away team is taking the shuttle in a moment or two. So, you should make your way to the bridge."

"Of course Sir." McNier said as he shut-down the experiment system. "The ship will be in good order when you return."

Gary nodded. "I will hold you to that. Now, get going and don't enjoy the command too much."

"The Chair is yours." McNier said calmly. "Command would take time from my experiments. Knowing what we will be running into out there and sitting idly in a chair would take from that knowledge." He look the Captain square in the eyes. "No insult intended Sir, just a matter of Priorities. You seem best fit for the chair and Command."

"I appreciate your faith," Gary replied, making sure not to roll his eyes. "Just make sure that Horizon is here and in one piece when I get back, alright?"

"I did state my intent to do just that." He seemed a little taken back as the words he chose seemed precise. "As I said the ship will be in good order when you return, Sir." He nodded and placed his gear on the table. "It is considered good manners to return something in the same or better condition than when you 'borrowed' it."

"Yes, yes," Gary responded wishing he was gone before he came here. "I will look forward to my return," he told McNier before leaving the lab.


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