Back in the Saddle

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2019 @ 2:39pm by Karina Tell

It had been a quiet, rejuvenating and altogether enjoyable R&R; how anyone could not go to Vulcan and find the heat and peaceful tranquility anything but healing made no sense to her.

Emotions ran rampant amongst them, but they wouldn't dream of sharing them with others or releasing them out into the world. No, it was much better to accept, breathe, flow into the anger, or the fear, or the hate... much better to use it for more constructive things.

As she unpacked her things, she called out, "Computer, record personal log, Tell, Karina. Yeoman First Class."


"Hey out there whoever might be listening..." KAT's eyes twinkled a little with mischief before her usually reserved demeanor descended over her features like a mask. Coughing lightly, her tone became more measured. "I'm unpacking, so if the recording is a little... unconventional... then please bear with me." Pulling a rather thin, diaphanous gown which was artistically shaded in just the right way for modest women, she lifted it up.

Looking through it to the camera on the recorder she winked, blushed a light pink and rolled it into a ball, stuffing into the corner of her bottom left drawer. It was an impulsive purchase on a near volcanic planet that boasted nothing of any interest to a soul unless... well, they were Vulcan, of course. Or aspiring to be, if there was such a thing. Tourist trap was not a description to be used with the place.

"I've returned," she continued, eyes picking up that inner green glow, "and it seems that I've got some people to get to know. After all, well... the Captain and his unique tastes are going to need some rest every now and then."

Her left hand flexed a little and she shook it ever so slightly as if to shake off an ache that went far deeper than physical. Her casual appearance and serene aura seemed to be pulling further away, and the KAT, Yeoman First Class was descending. No uniform required. The transformation had already begun the moment she'd stepped back on board.

And then, the log went from personal to... "Computer, end log." The little red light winked out and left a small afterimage behind. Her eyes darkened before she closed them and took another deep breath.

The armor descended; some might say you could actually hear the clang of it against the floor of her quarters, but that was just a rumor along with so many others. "Computer, pull up tomorrow's schedule, along with appointment requests for this week..."

Coffee would be necessary. And perhaps even a little something else... one could only hope for a little treat in the mess. Especially the Captain's Mess. She seemed to remember something baked and hoped at least someone had thought to save her one. At least one. She smiled to herself, a mere whisper of raised corners of her lips. And then she stepped towards the door, the smile fading as the doors slid open before her.

One mission at a time. Coffee. And then the scheduling begins...