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Where the hell are we?

Posted on Mon Dec 9th, 2019 @ 3:39pm by Lieutenant JG Talia Flowers

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If she had been a bit more artistic, she might have rhymed off the exact shade, but as it was, she knew the color in many different languages. And dialects. In the vernacular. And in code. What it meant in various applications... and how much she despised the color in general.

It wasn't that it was too girly... and then, Talia thought again. Hell ya, it WAS EXACTLY THAT. It WAS too girly. Too feminine. It spoke of generations of societal gender norms, pink for girls, blue for boys... and when Talia was out on a dig, she wore comfortable, khaki or simple natural fibers. Nothing that stood out or screamed to the local dangerous wildlife that she was even present.

It also stemmed back to the fact that her last name was Flowers. And everyone expected her to be such a girl. In the sense of an ancient expectation that annoyed her. Even in centuries, the whole women-men gender thing hadn't evolved much. At least in her family. And that was why she shunned pink. And wondered on some random level whether or not the Universe had chosen the despised color just to spite her.

She chuckled to herself about the gall of her own ego, but if she were going to be honest, she wasn't going to ignore her own strong sense of self and entitlement. And despite being in a completely different galaxy, didn't that simply offer a fantastic opportunity for the very reason she joined Starfleet in the first place?

DISCOVERY. Being quite probably the first and only humans to ever have made it to... well... Here. And that offered so many possibilities. Had she even heard of Ferenghis, she might have listed a few ways that her own ideas aligned very closely to some of their Rules of Acquisition, but since their species was a long way off from being discovered, Talia could even take partial credit for them in some future iteration.

Because that was how she was.

Arrogant. Outspoken. And already hoarding some of her personal stock of exotic things that she'd collected. There would be mayhem aboard, trying to keep an emotional lifeline to each crew member's past. She just wanted to keep her personal items just that... for HER.

There might be some... less than cooperative people on board. And the question she thought... how much of Starfleet protocol did they have to follow? How FAR were they from Earth? In her opinion, far enough to not worry about departmental meetings, or reports or... hmmm.

She stopped her internal ponderings. If it became more like an ancient ship from their collective past, then... things could get very damned difficult. And deadly.

Perhaps she would reserve her right to bitch about Starfleet if it ever came to that point.

"Computer, Personal log, Talia Flowers."

"Recording, Talia Flowers..."

"USS Horizon has been mysteriously transported to the Pinwheel Galaxy by an oddly-colored anomaly. The scans are taking some time, but..."

She took a deep breath, mentally preparing herself to take the emotion out of her voice. No need to alert anyone of her own disapprovals and disappointments. There would be a time and a place for everything.

"We appear to be stranded out here." Yes. That sounded... neutral. "Will report more as more information becomes available."

After all, that KAT person was taking all the notes for the official things. She could add her own personal commentary right. The fuck. Here.


"Yes, Talia Flowers."

"End log."

"Log ending, aye."

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes for just a moment. Who knew what tomorrow would bring. Or even the away team.

And that Chinese curse came back to her all in a rush... '愿你生活在有趣的时代' [TR - May you live in interesting times]


[TR - Yes. Very interesting indeed.]


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