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Where there is Chemistry (Part 1)

Posted on Mon Dec 18th, 2023 @ 10:08pm by Lieutenant Chadrick McNier

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Mission: Mission 0 - Pre-Sigma Iotia II
Location: Corridors near pool section
Timeline: 4 days Pre-orbital insertion


One shift was starting to blur into the next onboard the Horizon. Sure, it was good to be of service in cooking for the crew, yet it didn't seem like people noticed her. Instead, it was like she was invisible.

At that moment she was all set to go for a swim; the small bag over her shoulder, her really long deep brown hair down, toting an open tied white sarong around the waist just below her teal tankini top and right above the bottom half having it floating around where she was showing some skin, with her usual ballet flats on to finish the look. Her blue eyes were not as vibrant as they could be.

As a chef, she heard all the rumours that were flying around. They would not get home, not in their generation, not the next or quite a few more to come. She would be a distant memory, hoping that her genetics lived on somewhere down the line. The thought was rather depressing, as was the fact that, so far, the males aboard didn't seem to know she existed.

She just headed on her way, seemingly invisible in the corridor.

McNier had his morning routine, the run through the corridors rather than a boring treadmill, darting between the occasional crew member walking this early to or from duty.

Cute ballet flats caught his attention, the legs attached were shapely and moving upward to a sarong wrapped waist that again caught his attention as this is a bikini type outfit. Not often seen at this hour.

It was the mane of hair cascading loose and slight bounce with her steps, he had not seen the hair down before, realizing who, the blue eyes highlighted her face.

Beautiful. he thought before her close proximity forced him to veer away or impact.

Dodging this lovely swimmer took an adjustment of trajectory more than his coordination could cope with. The whole manoeuvre was too little and too late as he clipped her and drew her down with him to the ground.

Shaking his head clear he realized that he had ploughed the lovely sight over. He rolled over to check her out, then thought of another description of what he is doing. He inspected her quickly. Hovering over her to get a good look at her.

"Are you alright, I was concentrating on you and not realized in time before the impact."

"Whoa!" Before she knew it, the view of her world changed. She had barely seen the tall runner, seeming off in her own thoughts. Soon enough he clipped her, and she now found herself with...she suddenly clicked and made the connection. This was the ship's Executive Officer that was atop her, and she didn't seem to mind at all. " harm done.." she managed to stammer back.

She lay below him, eyes so blue staring back, her face framed by her silken looking hair splayed about like a halo. Those lips so pert had him mesmerized and before a thought could stop him, he found her lips both soft and warm as he is kissing her until the urge or her 'feel' stopped him. Instead, the need for breathing, actually stopped the kiss.

On the deck in the middle of an open corridor McNier had kissed the woman with a surprising lack of guilt.

She looked up at him. She had heard his surname mentioned before at least. Noticed he tended to frequent Her Galley rather than the Officer's Mess. His Philly Cheese Steak sandwich was a bit unusual, and he often ate alone within his own world. A mild-mannered proper gentleman that just had lunch and left... alone.

McNier, he had interesting eyes not that she saw much of them before he kissed her in a way that felt soft, warm, and sensual. It was beautiful and drew her in. Naturally, she found herself kissing him back.

It was one of those kisses that left you breathless and wanting more. She had to catch her breath before whispering in his ear "Lilliana" she said in a nice Australian accent with a slight Irish twist. "Lilliana Tierney."

"Chad McNier, at your beck and call." He whispered back. "You have the most stunning Blue eyes." It was a keen observation. "I am glad I did not miss you." Running his hand along her side so not to tickle so much as stimulate. The white cloth part of his objective.

She rolled them both over for her to be on top, leaving her white sarong behind. She returned the favour with just as much feeling, letting her left-hand tousle his hair in the moment. Her heart was all aquiver, racing away and up in her mouth.

*Why do I feel like this? No man so far has made me feel like this. He's passionate and bold, all of this has my heart racing!* Lilliana thought to herself. *He seems like a tender kind of lover; would he be that way with me?*

She broke the kiss and looked deep into his eyes.

"I know we barely know each other and that my next suggestion could seem rather crazy and bold.."

She kissed at his jawline very close to his left ear, making it easy to whisper in it. "You seem very passionate and tender, and you at least seem to know I exist." She closed her eyes, seeming to put a wish to the question.

"How could I not, you occupy the same space as I do." He replied, chuckling as he continued to gently caress her exposed skin. "I am quite happy you exist at the moment."

"Would you make love to me, please? Would you show me just how passionate, tender and impulsive you can be?" She kissed him again. "It's not something I usually ask like this, yet I have some unspoken desire.." Lilliana kissed him again quite deeply. "I'm not sure how to explain it... I just would really like for you to..."

A sigh left her, she was downright hoping he would say yes.

"Now is a good time." His words lofted to her.

McNier did not think anyone after Dot would ever again ask him to make love to them. Now this beautiful woman had kissed him passionately to help emphasize her desire for him to make love to her. Putting his arms around her and bringing her closer in a show of affectionate embrace just as he returned her kiss, adding a heat of his own with a caress starting at her neck down her back and spine; thumbs coming to the hem of her bottoms, hooking them as he kept caressing downward.

Following his grandfather's advice. McNier gave a lady her desire, with greatest pleasure.


Commander Chadrick McNier
Executive Officer

Lilliana Tierney
Galley Chef - USS Horizon


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