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Where there is chemistry (Part 2)

Posted on Mon Dec 18th, 2023 @ 10:09pm by Lieutenant Chadrick McNier

806 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Mission 0 - Pre-Sigma Iotia II
Location: Corridor and McNier quarters
Timeline: 4 Days Pre-orbital insertion

OLD: Nothing softer than a satisfied and happy woman.


Her heart was still racing as Chad helped put the sarong back into place. This was not something Lilliana usually did. The other girls would call her 'goody two shoes', after this...they would drop that, if they ever found out.

He was passionate, considerate of her and ever so tender. Even for being in a hallway, where they risked being caught; he brought out passion and sparked peaks she had not touched yet. This would be something to truly remember and dream about.

"That was as heated as cooking flambe! You were amazing. Thanks for sharing yourself too." She smiled, hand to her chest, with her heart beating like a drum.

"Thank goodness there is not a lot of foot traffic." McNier gave an assuring squeeze. "That might have interrupted some very enjoyable Chemical reactions." He is not ready to say bye bye yet. "I wish to see more of you..." Shaking his head., 'More of you, socially not let go...of this yet?"

"You're not the only one. I don't like the whole ships in the night or some people's idea of there's nothing better than sharing themselves around." Lilliana shook her head. "The Galley is all abuzz in rumours and sightings of who has gone in whose quarters. It's like the world is coming to an end and they have suddenly become desperate or something."

"Due to the distance involved..." McNier began. "It is likely we will not see home in this generation." He regretted mentioning it. "The natural human nature would be to cling to a steady controlled and safe routine that promotes security or at least a feeling of being in control of their lives. I am not there as yet; I like having more regular or normal style... dating."

"Me too, I wish to see where this goes, art and chemistry together. Even if it was risky and not something I'd usually do, this was ever so enjoyable... passionate, hit spots I didn't know I had!" Lilliana whispered to him. "My heart is still racing!"

"I do not have bridge duty for over an hour." McNier began. "I really do not want to say goodbye yet. So, maybe we can go somewhere private to exchange ideas about"

Lilliana rolled over in his arms. Her eyes were like sapphires sparkling in the light. "I'm loving that idea, Chad." Lilliana was positively beaming. She had a feeling that Chad could be like a chocolate craving, once you get a taste, it's never quite enough.

"Would it be too Forward to suggest my quarters, assured privacy, nice accommodations and very comfortable for just being together." He nodded to her. "softer than the deck I can assure you."

"A marshmallow, a souffle or my cheesecake is softer than that deck! Your place sounds charmin' in comparison." There was a little more Irish accent to that comment. "Lead the way, Chad McNier." Lilliana replied, it was a little sultry and very heavily Irish accented.

Offering an arm, he waited for her to accept before heading to the lift. A short ride up to the deck with Officer Country the steps closer to the bridge and he stopped before the door to his quarters. Sliding open McNier gestured her to go first.

The officer quarters were a bit larger; the main living areas are clean and clear, it is the edges and shelves that are stacked upon stacked of papers and such. That gave away the fact a Scientist lived here.

Quickly he moved to stand in front of her. Moving in for the long kiss.

"Welcome to the private lab." He teased.

The kiss was warm and sweet. "For the experiments that the world doesn't need to know about, no doubt." She said with a smile.

McNier kissed her deeply, like before with the intent of making her melt in his tender caress as he started with the back of her scalp and working slowly down her neck to unfasten the Halter then each back vertebrae while removing the impediment of her top in the fingers sliding along her skin until he reached her bottoms waist band, and let her breathe.

"To protect the virtue of a tasty cookie." He then continued down with the bottoms.

Her heart was in her mouth, such tenderness and passion had not been something she had experienced quite like this. In something so physical, and so quickly, he was making even her spirit soar. Lilliana melted into the kiss and his touch. She put her own passion into the exchange and was being swept up in it all. All that would exist in her world was Lilliana and Chad McNier


Commander Chadrick McNier
Executive Officer - USS Horizon

Lilliana Tierney
Galley Chef - USS Horizon


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