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Exploring a New System

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2024 @ 7:50pm by Captain Gary Alexander & Lieutenant Quinn Stiles & Lieutenant Chadrick McNier & Lieutenant Melody Anderson MD & Lieutenant JG Sarah bet Ira
Edited on on Sat Mar 30th, 2024 @ 7:58pm

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Mission: Mission 3 - A Whole New World
Location: Horizon Bridge
Timeline: 2168/08/28 1100

Gary sat on the bridge. The boredom of flying into the blackness of space was starting to take hold. Grieving was still going on for lost shipmates but it seemed more muted. He gave a small smile at Kat, wishing he could convey more to her. They both knew what was in store for them. He wished that he had not become so vulnerable so late. Perhaps they could have had a more normal life. Perhaps he could have simply found a colony for them to raise ten kids together than perhaps spreading his seed around the ship to make sure that humanity survived in some form in this vast unknown.

His biggest concern was trying to keep everyone safe and alive. Certainly, that was a normal concern for a Starship Captain, but a Daedalus class starship was not meant as a permanent home. So many adjustments would have to be made and who knew how much time it would take for others to accept this reality.

The Captain's thoughts were interrupted by a beeping console, indicating that something was out there.

Sarah bet Ira sat at the Comms station, quietly, carefully tapping away at the Console. It took a lot for the junior officer to keep the boat afloat sometimes, though she was certain she knew what she was doing most of the time. Technically, she was an Engineer, but she did the computer systems, ensuring that each system was working to its peak. Her console beeped, and she looked up at the screen.

"Sir...What does that mean?" She glanced up, but immediately shook her head. "I mean, it's nothing, I just need to recalibrate that system. Just a moment," she said, pressing some more buttons. Much better.

Quinn picked that moment to walk onto the bridge from the sole turbolift, nestled into the southwest corner of the bridge (relative to the command chair). She had been down in the depths of engineering for most of the shift, and needed to stretch her legs. Everyone was still in the coping stage of things, and having routine was helping with that, but Quinn needed the change of scenery.

So of course, she arrived just as things were getting interesting. Hesitating briefly in the entry well, the Lieutenant forced herself to step onto the bridge, and not immediately beat a hasty retreat back to the engine deck. It wouldn't take her terribly long to get there in the event that something went wrong. Instead she tucked in by the auxiliary engineering station, pulling up a monitoring display on her engine output while watching the main view screen to see who was calling.

Gary looked at the console, "Science, are you seeing what I am seeing?"

"I have initial scans; it is a mineral wonderland, eight planets in total." McNier began. "One Gas giant with several satellites... one with class D rating, good for mineral salvage, number six of the group.

He honed in the readings.

"Of course there is a single Class M planet; forth orbital trajectory, not yet calculated the rotations status, that will just a few moments. No emissions detected so I doubt there are more advanced individuals on the surface, a rainbow of life signs but mostly no real signs of industrial nor metropolitan activity detected thus far.

There also is a Class L planet next furthest from the sun. I do believe a Terraforming dream. Minor alterations would be needed. Light environmental gear, I should think, could be also good for mining some of the basics for the raw materials to be processed."

He turned to the Captain. The two best candidates for exploration are within shuttle distance of one another, if you do not mind keeping a high orbital to monitor..." He saw the stares. "M-Class survey system... Sir."

The Captain inhaled a dramatic breath. This was something that he could get into and something the crew needed, time off the ship without any risk of getting killed. "Well, sounds like an away team is needed. Mr. McNeir, I want you, Lieutenant Bullock, Lieutenant Stiles, and...." He thought for a moment, three was an awkward number, so he needed a fourth so that if they wanted to split up they could. So, who could he send? "And take Doctor Rhett, while you're at it. Explore, gather samples, and report in every two hours. Got it?"

"If the survey proves successful, should we have the shuttle readied with surface gear should we need to establish a survey and work camp?" McNier suggested.

What McNier suggested was perfectly logical but given their adventures so far, Gary wanted to maintain all equipment until they were more certain. "I'll have that happen if I'm convinced that everything is acceptable," Gary assured McNier. "Right now, get your team down there and see what you can see."

"I am on it Sir." McNier replied activating the Comm Channel.

=^= Lieutenants Stiles and Bullock prepare for away Team and meet me in the Transporter Room as soon as possible. =^=

Stiles, who had been quite surprised to be added to the landing party, wasn't about to turn down the opportunity to get off ship. Not after everything that had happened. While the ship wide announcement for her to report for the mission seemed a tad redundant as she was already on the bridge, she reasoned that McNier might not have seen her. Reporting as ordered was as easy as standing back up out of her chair, tugging on her tunic and giving a cheery wave.

"Ready when you are, Lieutenant," she acknowledged, a bit of Aussie twang to her words.

"Stiles, you are with me." He mentioned as he was getting out of his seat. "Once down every two hours Captain, orders confirmed." Heading past Communications, he hesitated to make eye contact. "Be talking to you soon." He gave a nod to confirm in passing.

Wondering at that little bit of byplay as the XO moved past the Comms station, Lt. Stiles fell in behind Lt. McNier, and shrugged her shoulders at the Captain as she passed. "Try not to break my engines while I'm away, sir."

"I'll watch him," Sarah piped up. "The transporter pad is cleared for beam out," she said, tapping more buttons. "Good luck, sirs."

"Thank you, I think we might need it." McNier lead the way to the Lift. "Two hours Captain."

The Captain nodded. That being said, he appreciated the protectiveness of Stiles over the engines. Yet, Gary himself had been an engineer and he would not do anything that would damage the ship unless it absolutely had to happen. "I'm certain that Flowers will be looking forward to receiving your signal." He gave a meaningful look at his communications officer.

Quinn entered the lift and gave a cheery wave from behind Lt. McNier, adding, "I'll bring back a souvenir if we can find something that won't inadvertently kill us."

Gary gave Quinn a small, secret smile and then a wink. "I shall have to look forward to that, then. See you soon."



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