Making more Chemistry

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Mission: Mission 0 - Pre-Sigma Iotia II
Location: varied


Lilliana had just made it back to quarters after her little impromptu rendezvous with Chad McNier. She took a breath in and let out a sigh. They had already made lunch arrangements; she had never looked forward to lunch more in her life!

He had been so bold, willing and ever so passionate. Intimacy had never felt like that before, the peaks were strong and he seemed to know just what she wanted, just what would be more sensual or draw more passion out of her.

"I really should ask him about that. He turned me to putty! I think my heart is still racing. I want there to be a next time and time after that and after that!" She was beaming. "Head over heels after he knocked me head over heels!" Lilliana had to giggle at that.

She went and freshened up, getting into her checkered pants and short sleeved chef's tunic. She felt lighter and practically floated into the galley.

One of her assistants' noticed Lilliana was both distracted and late.

"Lilly, you're late....hang on, you're glowing and practically floating in here..."

"So what if I am, Claudia?" Came Lilliana's reply. "I feel great, and we haven't fallen behind time. I know you all are quite capable."

"Sally!" Claudia called into the back.

Another of the staff popped up at the pass. "Oh my gosh..." she looked Lilliana up and down. "Okay, who is he?"

"What do you mean?" Lilliana asked, trying to put up a cover.

"You have that look of 'there's a new guy' about you." Sally replied.

"Does there have to be for me to be happy?" Lilliana served back in reply as she moved towards the kitchen.

"For how you look, definitely!" Claudia piped up. "So, who is he? You are glowing, blushing red as a rose and carrying yourself differently. Did you.... you are late because of him! "

Lilliana was beet red and felt ever so warm. Her blue eyes were filled with emotion.

"He was that good?! Like state secret, that good?!"

Lilliana turned her back, a hand hovering over her heart. "He was what dreams are made of. Exstacy brought to life, passionate, considerate and gave everything he had."

"Wow!" The girls replied in unison.

"What department, does he have a brother aboard, a clone perhaps? Does he give lessons?" Claudia asked.

"That I don't know. I think he is one of a kind though." She sighed lightly as she went about her duties with the girls chasing her and trying to milk information out of her.

[On way to bridge]

McNier had such a feeling of both guilt and elation. Lilliana had been an unexpected reaction to a whim he did not think himself capable of, but was he really that whimsical?

Dot had been more of a shot in the dark when he approached her at the Social Event on the assurance, she would be open to 'introduction' and he was hooked at her first glance. A casual stroll and he had the audacity to kiss her while alone; a Southern Gentleman does not regularly take such liberty. But that kiss set her dignified heart a flutter as well it seemed, as several months of courting and she agree to marry him after 'this' short patrol.

Damn fates.

Quick uniform changes is one thing he is good at, he was only a 'bit' late officially, but compared to his always being early made his Tardiness all the more obvious.

"There was a Spontaneous Chemical Reaction that occurred under what should have been normal circumstances . The attraction without controlled catalyst, there was no logical reasoning. Thus I had to follow through with the whole process to the conclusion. In participating with the process? It fell outside any conception of reactions I would have put in the..." Stopping his explanation at empty stares. "I believe the current position we are in with region of space had an effect, so furthermore controlled experiments on my own are required."

He then relieved the captain.

Lilliana had been on a baking spree for the better part of her shift. There was a mudcake, then a Boston Cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries for decoration and even some soft baked vanilla choc chip cookies, all ready for the crew. Now she was starting to prep lunch, with a beaming smile from ear to ear.

The girls were still trying to pry.

"Is he an engineer??"

"Not saying. Can't I enjoy it all, just this once?" Lilliana replied.

"You really like him? Wow, just how much have you fallen for this guy?" Claudia asked. "You aren't in over your head, are you?"

"Don't you think it's a bit early for that call, Claudia?'

"Then why be so secretive?"

"Maybe it adds to the allure or maybe I'm not one who likes everyone else prying into something private." Lilliana replied as she walked away, tending to her cooking.

It was not long before someone walked in with a message and handed it over to Lilliana.

Lovely Lilly,

will be in my XO office for lunch, wish to see you.

Food secondary, just want have time with you.


The message to Lilliana read.

Lilliana beamed. *Just want to have time with you.​* She went over those words in her mind. He was ever so sweet and passionate. If he were a flavour, Passionfruit and Strawberries came to mind. He seemed so cute, sweet and highly addictive. She looked over at her jar of handmade Gummi Bears. She could feel her face go every shade of red.

Lilly put the note down and set to work on a simple lunch, with dessert; all while snacking on the Gummi Bears, especially the yellow ones for some reason. She set up a tray and had it loaded with the lunch quite promptly. Before the girls could really question what she was up to she was off on her way to McNier's office.

McNier sat in his office, away from the bridge, though he felt a bit elated on the thought that Lilliana would accept the invitation. Especially with there being no chaperone present. It could be taken he wanted round three of making love to her yet he really would like just being close and just the feel of her close proving her to be real and this morning a memory and not a dream.

Lilliana came up, finding her way around; it was not the first time coming up to this 'sacred place', yet this time she had a purpose and someone waiting for her. Lilly came up to the door and sounded the chime.

While he was not standing beside the door McNier made sure to not be occupied with other thoughts when the door chime informed him of someone at his door. And one person is expected.

Opening the door, he ushered Lilliana into the office and closed the door securely.

"Hello, sweet one." He greeted her with a soft kiss, he did not mean to linger but she tasted very good, so he did not regret a moment of it.

The soft kiss was nice, so what if he lingered a little, she wasn't complaining, and her heart delighted in it.

"G'day there. I missed you too. I was thinking about our 'introduction' all morning long!" Lilliana did her best to balance the covered tray in her arms. "I think I spent a little longer on this than usual, I guess I had a reason to." She returned the kiss, rather soft and sweet. "Your offer sounded too good to pass up. I usually work through lunch, downside of my job."

"There is another thing that we have in common." McNier stood aside and offered to guide her to the desk. "The thought of you for lunch..." He shook his head. "You attending lunch... was most appealing compared to being alone. I wanted your company over my usual solitude."

Taking the tray and putting it on the desk, he took a seat and offered his lap to Lilliana.

"Dare to come closer? He had a sly smile.

"I'll keep the lid on lunch for the moment then." Lilliana replied, moving over to take up a seat in his lap. "That's an easy dare to go through with." She replied with a smile.

Lilliana looked into his blue eyes for a moment. Just sitting there had her heart aflutter. It had been so passionate, so sweet and full of fire so far.

Wrapping his arms around her he brought her closer and placed a kiss upon her that would give her an idea of the sudden depths of passion he felt but in more of a 'slow burn', that more suited a longer time in the moment that could linger into a minute or an hour when one gets caught up in the warmth of it.

"Been wanting to do that all morning." He said between recovering breaths.

"I can only imagine. Have I been distracting you even when I was not here? I know I was having to watch meself with the knife a bit more this mornin'." She somewhat purred in reply.

McNier tickled her under the chin like one would a cat. "Maybe I should overdose on you to tide me over til end of shift."

Lilliana could not help but giggle, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth a moment. "Ye know what they say about too much of a good thing now don't ye?" She then clapped both hands over her mouth in having her full Irish accent come out.

"There is no such thing as too much fun or a girl too pretty?" He replied right after in her ear softly.

A look came into Lilliana's eyes. Chad had now heard both her usual Aussie drawl and the Irish lilt that was so often hidden away and balked at neither of them. The Irish men had seemed to prefer her Aussie accent and mannerisms as though she were an exotic flower in the Irish landscape and the same could be said of the Aussies and her Irish lilt. She looked into his eyes with a newfound curiosity. This was the first time a man had heard both and not said 'can you go back to that other accent, it sounds better'.

Lilliana switched from sitting with her legs across his lap and snuggled in to straddled in his lap, arms around his neck and left a kiss on him that might make the beloved Blarney Stone blush if it were able to. She was sitting in the lap of the man she had thought only existed somewhere in her dreams. The old Irish 'pop' song had been right. Chad did have her spinning round and round save for it was not 'only when I sleep' unless she had not woken up that morning. Her heart was telling her otherwise though. She broke the kiss and was rather breathless at the end. It was like the song 'Breathless' had been written for them both.

"You're the first who dunnae mind either of me accents, that and your passion, how unrestrained ye are; it's quite refreshin'." She played with his right hand. "I want there to be a tonight, a tomorrow night and the one after that and after that. Is that too presumptuous of me? Do ye want to see where this goes as much as I do?"

"My wise grandmother once told me that if I find a woman that is a good cook and can make me smile, don't let her go." He replied, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I want to prove a theory about those accents, that will take control chemical testing to..." He list the thought. "I like all of you so far, and in my... opinion there is a distinction that when you make those cute little sounds and that Irish comes out, I am doing something right?"

He started nuzzling her neck and playing with caressing her back as he is discovering she likes.

"I haven'ae had a chance to figure that out before. Most men have either liked one side or the other. I had gotten 'stuck' in a way. I think we will find out together." She smiled and gave him a beautiful and passionate kiss. "It does feel like you are stoking the fire deep inside though. I am not sure just how fast me heart can go right now."

"Feels like the heat off a Bunsen Burner..." He looked her in the eyes. "A burner is what we use to control temperature... keep you to a rolling boil..." He replied while moving his hands deftly under the chef shirt, teasing at her back with a soft yet smooth caress. "That is the Bunson Burner in Chemical reactions." The shirt was like a mini dress that McNier removed slowly.

Lilliana was certainly lulled in by his touch. There was something about it that drew her in and any other thoughts fell to the wayside. The way he talked about the burner kind of made science sound a little sexy. His touch under her Chef's shirt was welcome, it brought both her heart rate and breathing up. Here she was in his office and the way Chad was with her already had that inner warmth at a high simmer and wanting to run away on her.

"It feels like a right simmer, i doubt it'll stay that way." She kissed him deeply. "I think it will be a slow and warm lunch. I do like a good slow burn; it makes for more intense flavours."

"I can get used to having my sweet cookie for lunch." McNier said as he sought to show Lilliana how much he did like having her with him at lunch.


Once dressed McNier sat across the table from Lilliana to share his lunch. However, the cheesecake is strictly a on lap affair to share the dessert with him feeding her portions. This he would not back away from, she had not complained so he just enjoyed the cake with his Cookie. He had teased her with the first bite before taking it; however, he did give her the last bite of it.

"This feels perfect" Lilliana said, in between bites. Her Aussie accent was 'back in place', for now. She was also thankful her chef's whites were easy to get in and out of. This was unexpected yet just what she was craving at the same time.

"So can I see you and your Toothbrush tonight?" McNier teased. "Accompanied by an overnight bag?" He asked as she took her last bite. "I really want to wake with you... there?"

"About as much as I want to be there, I bet. I have never made a connection this fast, let alone one that feels so strong already. I can't wait for tonight." Lilliana snuck in a quick nuzzle. "I think I will be baking a bit, no knives to possibly slip up with."

"My mother told me not to run with scissors, I do not think that counts?" He joked as he softly caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers. "Does this mean we get to do more connecting, I want to know the woman, her secrets she will share and just what is on your mind? Scientists love the mind as well as the shared Chemical Reactions." He enjoyed her little nuzzle. "I am in unknown territory, never had a lovely woman want to be around me, I tend to bore most of them."

"You haven't been boring so far. You don't mind me being a chef, why should I be any different with you and being a scientist. if you can listen to me and the galley dramas, well, that courtesy goes both ways. I'd love to know more about you. Someone so intelligent and romantic."

"Can I do an experiment in the reflex sensitivity to touch" He said seriously.

“Uh….what sort of experiment?” Lilliana replied, curiously.

"Are you ticklish?" He chuckled.

Lilly blushed. “Are you planning to make me giggle or squeal?”

"Both..." Hinting with a smile.

Lilliana just smiled and kissed him in a way that left no doubt of how she felt and how much she would be looking forward to their next encounter




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